Germán Montoya

Germán Montoya

Managing Director


Germán is Chief Strategy and Creative Officer at Rokk3r Labs. He sets, communicates and executes the strategic direction of Rokk3r Labs and its portfolio companies. As a creative leader, Germán is responsible for developing new and engaging ways to enhance value and recognition of the Rokk3r Labs brand globally.

Previously, Germán was part of the DDB family, and served as part founder of the specialized mobile unit Rokk3r. Before that, Germán led Cyclelogic’s strategic and commercial efforts as Marketing Vice President for 4 years. Other experience includes 10 years as consultant for Accenture, spending most of his time in strategic functions within the financial services industry.

Germán is an economist by education, having studied extensively with a degree from Cornell University and a fellowship from the Kennedy School at Harvard University. German believes technology is today’s biggest creativity driver. New thoughts and ideas are made possible thanks to new technology, and due to the democratization powers of mobiles and other wireless technologies. He is passionate about creating for the new world.